ガラス+漆。黒江の伝統技術と新しいアイデアによって 生まれた GLASS JAPAN。


Concept by Eri Inaba

「大好きな街・・真珠との繋がりが深い港町神戸のイメージを パールの質感と漆器の町黒江の伝統である。淡の色彩で表現しました。」

GLASS + URUSHI. GLASS JAPAN where I was born by a traditional technique of Kuroe and a new idea. By being resonant the new lacquerware that fused the transparency of glass and the rich expression of URUSHI artist Yoshihiko Fujii with the sensitivity of designer Eri Inaba, new Western style tableware series PERLA was born.
A special lacquer resin dyed pearl in the dye is what beautiful was with design, from the back of the glass.

Concept |
expressed an image of my favorite port town Kobe where has a strong connection with pearl by the feel of a material of the pearl and the traditional URUSHI color of the lacquerware town Kuroe.

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